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Coffee Morning news

Kingsmead's Coffee Morning held second Parent Empowerment session and launched it's own Coffee Morning Library.

In the Parent coffee morning  just before the Summer half term break, we held the second of our Parent Empowerment sessions.This session was led by Bianca (a year 1 parent) & Paul (our Learning Mentor). We looked at the issues that a lot of families and children face when it comes to social media. Bianca spoke about the influence it can have and how we can best support our children when it comes to the dangers of social media - such a   relevant topic and real struggle for many of us that it led to many great discussions and valid points within the session. Bianca did a great job offering some helpful solutions to these issues that can be quite hard to understand and tricky to face.               

We also launched a great Coffee Morning Library, with a range of helpful, informative books, to support our families parenting journeys, which lots of parents  felt they would find very useful.