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Year 6 School Journey 2023

During the last week before the half term break our Year 6 children had the most amazing school journey experience

The took the train to  the  Kench Hill Centre  in Kent and had five days of  wonderful hands on  activities and games and most importantly  were very busy having lots of fun! They tried orienteering, shelter building, bread making, hiking, stream hiking, sand dune jumping, a trip to the beach, blind assault course, archery and rock climbing…. As well as singing round a campfire, looking after ponies and taking part in a pig race! It was an amazing experience and the children  developed their independence skills, along with their team building skills. The children  truly flourished and amazed all the adults with their mature attitude. Shenaz, their class teacher, said “They truly are one of the best year 6 classes!”

Thank you so much to Shenaz, Julia, Roderick and Paul, the school staff who accompanied the children., for your enthusiasm and involvement with the children on the trip We received a lovely email from Barney Clarke, Head of Kench Hill centre saying this about the Kingsmead visit:

“I would like to pass on our thanks to your school staff and highlight their hard work and support during the week. It has been great working in partnership with them to ensure the children have the best week possible. There sense of humour, care and support for the children has been lovely to see. The children have also been very well behaved and a pleasure to have at Kench Hill. We hope to welcome you back next year”

Here’s what some of the children said about their trip:                                                    

Zion D, “ We did a long hike, travelling through fields with cattle & sheep herds and a stream. When we went through the stream it was fun as many of us kept falling in and we got very wet. It was tiring but an experience we will never forget.”
Hodo, I enjoyed playing games, especially tackling Shenaz during our games time. I collected lots of shells at the beach and soaked my feet in the sea. The best part of our stay was the Rare Breed centre where we got to pet lots of different animals, especially the bunnies. I also found out that I was terrified of chickens and ponies but I overcame my fears and by the second day I was in charge of the ponies.”
Vivinnie During our camp fire we told scary stories and ate marshmallows. The adults told us many stories and we had the best time.”
Taliah, I had my birthday at Kench Hill and it was the best birthday ever! I got to race with the pigs and I ran the fastest ever! I got a certificate for participating and hung out with my best friends. It was also the Disco on the same day as my birthday, where I had a blast! The chef made a special cake for my birthday.”
Eleyona, Kench Hill was an amazing  experience! We had nights with our friends that we will never forget! It really helped me become more independent and brave.  I had a really fun time and I will never forget it.”

Look at our Photo Gallery to see lots of wonderful photos of the trip