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Well done Daniel!

Congratulations to Daniel Aidoo (yr 5) who was chosen as an Outstanding Mayor’s Music Scholar at the London Music Awards

 Congratulations to Daniel  Aidoo (yr 5) who was chosen as an  Outstanding Mayor’s Music  Scholar at the London Music Awards earlier in June. Daniel attended a special awards ceremony at the  Roundhouse where he met the other winners and some celebrities. “The best bit was when I met  Jermaine  Jackson from the Voice. He told me I have talent and he hopes I keep on drumming!” said Daniel. Daniel's advice to others who want to succeed is to "keep on going - never strop drumming in your life! I practise at home on drums, on my knees, on the table and when I was a baby I practised on the walls with spoons or anything I  could get my hands on" .



 Daniel is also part of Kingsmead's excellent Dynamix group who, along with our best Steel Pan players, took part in the sixth Borough Beats annual event recently, wowing the audience at the Hackney Empire once again with their talent and enthusiasm.