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The Wonderful World of Bees

 Year 4 recently took part in a workshop on the Wonderful World of Bees where they learnt all about Honey Bees.....

 Year 4 recently took part in a workshop on the Wonderful World of Bees in King Henry's Walk Garden in Isling ton this week. They learnt all about honey bees and why they are such an  important part of our ecosystem.  They went on a fact hunt around the beautiful gardens, got to try explore a beehive and made beeswax candles. The children learnt about how bees are attracted to Lavender, Thyme and Rosemary. They were able to smell the herbs and discuss why the honey made from the different herbs may have a different taste. 

After the children had learnt new facts about bees, they created poems using alliteration and  onomatopoeia.  Here is Anthony's  poems.

The Boss Bee

The big bee no one could beat

I'm the strongest on the street

Collecting dazzling marvellous nectar

Dragging, booming, zooming through the trees

to the hive back to hide

from the hunters so I don't die

Making honey, looking funny, it's so sunny

while the Queen makes babies

while I make honey

by Anthony Year 4


Thank you to The Garden Classroom who ran the workshop. Have a look at the short film below about Year 4's day: