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Year 5 visit a Hop Farm in Kent

Find out all about Year 5's recent trip to a Hop farm in Kent, by reading Amee's report of the day....

 Last week Orange class went to Hobbs Hill Hop farm  in Kent to learn about what life was like for families who went hop picking years ago. It was so fun! We went on a coach called Kings Ferry. My friend Miguel brought two pillows in case the coach wasn’t luxurious enough. When we arrived we had apples and apple juice with flapjacks. We were all grouped into four ’families’ - my group was called the Saunders family and we were with Rob, our class teacher.

We did four activities in our separate families. Our first one was dragging cold water down the hill in buckets. Our second activity was looking and comparing objects from the time of WWII. The hop pickers used the objects - they brought them from their homes. The bed was made out of straw with some blankets over it. Our third activity was dressing up as hop pickers from the 1940s and having our  photo taken. I wore a blue head turban with roses and matching apron. Our last activity was looking at Tom’s memories - an old man who used to go hop picking when he was young. We all looked at, touched and smelled some hops. hops.      

Written by Amee Yr 5

At the end of the day children helped to prepare a vegetable soup and even got to taste rabbit stew if they wanted to, then helped to do the washing up in plastic buckets. Thanks to The Garden Classroom, a local educational charity, for making this trip            possible. More photos of the trip can be found in our Photo Gallery section of the website.