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Year 3 tackle air pollution

Find out about Year 3's exciting project learning about air pollution......

Our Year 3 class are taking part in an exciting project with local charity EcoACTIVE, learning all about the causes and possible solutions to the problem of air pollution. 

The children have had two workshops with EcoACTIVE so far:

Workshop 1 - where they carried out a range of activities to help them learn and think about the issue of air pollution including

Jenga: playing a 'big foot' game to understand which of our habits can impact the environment/air pollution and what we can do minimise our impact (i.e boiling the kettle full instead of with just the water we need, uses lots of energy and causes pollution/using the car lots when we could walk causing pollution/thinking about how to reduce, reuse and recycle so we create less rubbish, as the landfill causes pollution etc)

Making Posters: being the teacher to spread awareness on air pollution. EcoACTIVE will  pick some of these to display around the school and in the local area. 

Making a water wheel with disposable cups: helping the children to explore cleaner ways of getting energy, rather than burning fossil fuels. 


Workshop 2 - involved a survey in the local area, looking at where signs of the highest levels of air pollution can be found, through taking samples of residues on different surfaces and recording out findings.