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At Kingsmead we take pride in the high standards of good behaviour that our children exhibit in class and around the school. We believe that good behaviour and respect for each other and our surroundings ensure a calm and productive atmosphere in which to learn. In order to achieve this the School Rules are displayed in all classrooms and communal areas and the school operates a system called "Stay on Green". This system ensures that children are rewarded for good behaviour and that they clearly understand the consequences of negative behaviour.

Positive behaviours are modelled, explained, taught, supported and reinforced. Staff focus on positive actions (for example ‘I like the way you are walking sensibly’) rather than what children should not do (for example ‘do not run’).  The same management techniques are used by all staff so that there is consistency and fairness in all areas of school life.   Rewards for good behaviour and attitude to learning are many and varied.  They begin with praise and are reinforced with stickers, certificates, postcards home, phone calls from the teacher and whole school recognition in the form of a golden award and golden time at the end of the week. Golden time is a fun time when children get to play games in their classroom or outside in the playground.   

Golden awards

Golden awards are given every Friday in assembly, the child receives a certificate, and a medal to take home and celebrate with their family.  Individual teachers operate whole class reward systems, where classes fill a button jar or achieve a specific target and these are rewarded with a treat chosen by the class.  

Golden Crowns

Golden Crowns are awarded for outstanding conduct around the school. Children who display  excellent manners and move around the school sensibly are awarded golden tokens by members of staff. Each class has a golden crown box and the children put the tokens into this and watch it fill up over the week. Each week, the crowns are counted and, during an assembly, we announce the winners of the golden crown award. The winning class takes the trophy for the week!


The ‘Stay on Green’ system works as follows: Every child has a stay on green chartpouch in their classroom that is displayed on the wall. They start every day with a green card. A child can then receive a different coloured card if they are not doing the right thing but are always given the chance to correct their behaviour and move back to green. The card system works as follows:

Verbal Warning – A teacher will give a warning to the child that a specific behaviour needs to stop.

Blue Card 1– If behaviour has not improved, a blue card is put into the pouch in the classroom and the child has 2 minutes in a timeout chair in the classroom.

Blue Card 2 – If behaviour has not improved, a second blue card is put into the pouch in the classroom and the child spends another 5 minutes in the timeout chair.

Yellow – If behaviour has not improved, a yellow card is put into the pouch in the classroom and the child spends 10 minutes in another class.

Red – If a child does not correct their behaviour after a yellow card, the next stage would be a red card. At this point, a member of the senior leadership team (Headteacher, deputy head or assistant head) will discuss the behaviour with the child and a letter will go home to parents at the end of the day (parents are also contacted by telephone). All red cards are analysed and patterns of certain types of behaviour are used to inform provision for the child. If a child receives six red cards, the child will be excluded from their class for a day.

In cases of violence or extreme behaviour that puts staff, children or the child themselves at risk, the child will go straight to a red card without going through the system. The ultimate sanction is exclusion from school for a period of days (temporary exclusion) or permanently. This is at the discretion of the Executive Headteacher.

The majority of children do not get a red card at any point in their school career. Those that do will receive behaviour support from our learning mentor and possibly have a behaviour support plan in place.