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Clubs - Breakfast and After School

Breakfast club

A well attended free daily breakfast club runs every morning during term time. Children can arrive any time between 8.10 to 8.30am and they will be offered a selection of healthy breakfast options: a variety of cereals, porridge oats, toast, bagels, beans on toast, pure fruit juice, milk. A great way to start the day!  The breakfast club benefits from support from The Magic Breakfast company who arrange for donations of fruit juice, porridge, cereals and bagels to be delivered to the school. Kingsmead school provides the staffing and other items for our breakfast club. We are very proud to be able to offer an entirely free breakfast to every member of the school community without prior registration.

After School Clubs

We offer a variety of clubs after school  that run from 3.45 to 4.45pm during term time. After school clubs cost £1 per club per term (£10 for one term which consists of 10 clubs) and are offered on a first come first served basis. We do keep a waiting list of those children who are not successful in gaining a place and try to ensure that they are top of the list for the following term.

After School Play Centre based at Mandeville School

For Parents/carers needing regular after school childcare, we have an arrangement with Mandeville School, who are happy to accept applications for Kingsmead children to attend their After School Play Centre scheme, which runs daily until 5.30pm for children from Reception to Year 6.  Parents/carers will need to register their child with the Mandeville After School Play Centre sheme. Registration forms can be found at the Kingsmead front desk and will need to be completed and taken to Mandeville school. For more information about the After school Play centre please  contact Mandeville Primary School  on 0208 986 5249. A member of Kingsmead School staff will escort any Kingsmead children registered with the Mandeville  After School Play Centre and will walk them over to Mandeville school at the end of the school day.