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Inclusion and Special Educational Needs & Disablities (SEND)

At Kingsmead we want to make sure that children are happy, secure and successful. Sometimes some children or their families need extra help to make sure of this. There is a team of adults in school who organise and provide additional support for children and their parents & carers.

Ruth, our Deputy Headteacher is also responsible for Inclusion (and is our SENDCo). Ruth works closely with your child’s teachers to track your child’s progress in school and organise extra support if your child is falling behind. This support may be provided by adults in school - teachers, teaching and learning associates, teaching assistants - or specialists from outside of school such as Speech and Language Therapists or Specialist Teachers. If you think your child may need additional support or you are worried about your child’s progress please talk to the class teacher or Ruth. Ruth also monitors the children’s attendance and punctuality at school together with Michelle, LEAP's Education Welfare Officer. They meet regularly as part of the Inclusion Team, to discuss any attendance concerns.

Latisha, our Pastoral Support manager works with children in and out of class who are having difficulties with behaviour, learning or need emotional support. She also runs groups for children to help them cope with change and challenging situations such as transition to secondary school. She also helps parents to support their children’s behaviour and emotional well-being at home and attends the regular Coffee Mornings that any interested parents & carers can come along to.

Emma, who is responsible for Communications and Community Liaison, also provides support for families and children and can help families to access local services such as children centres, legal advice, medical services. She helps set up exciting activities for children and their families and works closely with some of the outside agencies and charities we have relationships with.

Jon, the LEAP School Counsellor supports identified children in 1:1 sessions to manage stress, anxiety and to foster positive relationships with others. He also provides Talk Time drop in sessions for children who self-refer. Jon can help parents & carers access further support if needed.

Michelle is the LEAP Education Welfare Officer supporting families with attendance.

Our Teaching and Learning Associate Julia  and Learning Mentor, Roderick run sessions providing support with reading, writing and maths. Kingsmead teaching assistants work alongside class teachers and senior leaders and regularly support small groups of children or individuals with their learning and other areas of need such as delivering Speech and Language groups devised by our Speech and Language therapist. They help children to fulfil their learning potential in school as well as enabling your child to access a range of additional activities such as clubs and trips.

There will always be someone from the Inclusion Team at the school gate at the beginning and end of the day, so please talk to them if you have any concerns about your child.

Please also see the Wellbeing & Mental Health page of our website that has more useful information about how Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health are supported at Kingsmead.


Special Educational Needs and Disability 

Our SEND Information Report for parents and carers can be found as PDFs at the bottom of the Statutory Information page in the About Us section of this website. The LEAP Federation's Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy can be found on the LEAP policies page.

You can find information about how we adapt the curriculum and learning environment for children with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities at the bottom of the Teaching and Learning page.