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Our Local Environment

Children at Kingsmead take part in a range of different activities which engage them with and involve them in their local environment.

Healthy Eating and Gardening Sessions

Our Science Garden and the outdoor space at Kingsmead provides wonderful learning opportunities for the children. We are able to offer all children the chance to work with two professional gardeners and a chef who develop their understanding of the natural environment. Children are involved in planting and growing seasonal plants, picking, harvesting, preparing and tasting  what they have grown. This allows them to learn in a hands on way in an outdoor context while also instilling an understanding of where their food comes from and the importance of a healthy diet. This learning is consolidated through structured blocks of Healthy Eating and Cooking sessions which are offered to children in Years 3 to 6 for half a term, where they learn how to prepare simple healthy food for themselves.



Kingsmead Chicks

Every year an incubator is delivered to our school, with a number of unhatched, fertilized eggs. The children are able to watch, with utter fascination, as new chicks hatch from the eggs. Classes take it in turns to come and study the chicks, drawing them in their sketch books and as they grow, the children are able to hold them and help to feed them.

Working with EcoACTIVE

We have a close relationship with the local sustainability educational charity EcoACTIVE. EcoACTIVE regularly run workshops in our school on composting, recycling and reducing energy consumption. We have worked on a number of campaigns and initiatives with EcoACTIVE over the years and are a pilot school in their current Access to Nature project based on Daubeney Fields.


School Travel Plan and Sustainable Travel

We actively encourage staff, pupils and visitors to use sustainable modes of transport to travel to the school when possible. We have been awarded Outstanding Standards level by the Sustainable Travel Accreditation Scheme for our promotion of sustainable modes of transport. Our school council have taken part in Air Pollution monitoring programmes.