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Every year in the Summer Term, Year 6 and some of Year 5 go on a residential trip from Monday to Friday. The aim is to give the children a broader life experience, to learn new skills and to increase children’s independence before they go to secondary school.  In recent years they have taken part in abseiling, archery, go-karting, river walking, mackerel fishing and visited many different historic sites.  

This year children stayed in Kent at a Hopp Farm, organised by The Garden Classroom.

2022 School Journey

What an incredible four days in the Kent countryside!  29 children from Years 6 and Year 5 explored the local woods where they took part in a range of activities including den making and learning to use saws, helped to cook food for the camp and sat around the campfires singing songs and roasting marshmallows, before   sleeping in the beautiful bell tents. Thank you to Stan, Fay, Rod and Paul who accompanied the group and also to The Garden Classroom staff who set up and ran some really great activities and organised the camp experience so well.

“I loved roasting marshmallows  on the fire. We sat around the   campfire and we ate delicious food” – Ohemaa

“I liked that we played a lot of games like waterfights, making dens in the forest. The food was so good….I would like to go again if I could”-Cameron

I liked the waterfight. We got soaked and then dried in minutes as it was so hot! We had ice lollies made from different fruit flowers—they were SO good!“ - Zaynah

“After 2 years when school journeys weren’t possible, it was wonderful to go away with the children to celebrate their time together at Kingsmead. The children represented the school superbly and we were able to have a wonderful time at Hobbs Hill learning a huge range of new skills. Well done to all who went.” - Stan class teacher

You can find more photos of 2022 School Journey in the Photo Gallery section of this website.



News from 2019 School Journey - St Margaret's Bay, Kent

Monday 10th June

And we're off! Arrived safely at train station and enjoyed a lovely walk to campsite through fields and on to beach. The children are settling in nicely. "What a beautiful sound the rain makes on the tent canvas....hypnotically relaxing!" - Roderick.



Tuesday 11th June

Good morning. We spent the night in the dormitories here at the campsite as there was a chance of thunderstorms but the weather was fine in the end. First night in tents will be tonight. Carousel of crafty activities this morning after a hearty breakfast of porridge followed by eggs and beans. Children (and adults) are all well and looking forward to some brighter weather!






Wednesday 12th June

Everyone survived their first night in tents. Lovely day yesterday, lots of activities for the children: preparing lunch with the on-site chef, watercolours by the beach, walks in the woods, paddling in the sea, more walks and frisbee and lots more..... Porridge and French toast is ready so must go now....!


Thursday 13th June

An amazing day down on the beach rock pooling and paddling, followed by a beautiful last campfire.