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At Kingsmead Spanish is taught by a specialist Spanish teacher to all children in Key Stage 2 for a minimum of 30 minutes every week. Here at Kingsmead we hope that every child will leave the school feeling confident in speaking, listening to and writing Spanish, and have a good understanding of Spanish Culture. The curriculum is creative and fun, focusing on teaching the language through games and songs and lots of practice speaking Spanish. We also teach cross curricular Spanish through geography lessons that involve children communicating with children in a school in Spain. In addition to this all KS2 teachers take the register in Spanish and ask children to use simple phrases throughout each day, such as ‘Puedo ir al baño por favor’ (Can I go to the toilet please?) to encourage familiarity. We have an annual ‘Spanish Week’ in June during which we get excited about all things Spanish and organise a wealth of activities, including playing outdoor Spanish games, making Spanish food and watching a Spanish film. Our fabulous PE team have started learning how to give instructions in Spanish and we have links with the Arsenal Double Club which provides exciting resources for us to use.

We are very proud to say that we have been awarded the silver ‘Hackney Primary Spanish Award’ by the Hackney Learning Trust and are working towards the gold award.  We have also been awarded an Erasmus+KA1 grant that will enable us to send a number of teachers to Spain to continue our fantastic Spanish-learning journey.